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Motoway seeks to become the leading ethical manufacturer of product in the country, servicing an expanding  base  of  satisfied,  international  clients. Motoway ensures high-quality, cost efficiency and timely delivery, through  professional structures and innovative business processes, to extend its role  as a  model of  corporate responsibility

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Address: 6 - Km Drive,Pasrur Road, Sialkot - 51310, Pakistan.
Email: info@motowaygroup.com
Phone: +92 52 3543773-5
Monday - Sunday 9am TO 5pm

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About Us


To ensure a sense of quality and totality to maintain the complete satisfaction of our stakeholders, implement and adopt a new modern approach to innovation, performance, and marketing which is oriented towards the customer.


Motoway seeks to become the leading ethical manufacturer of leather products in the country, servicing an expanding base of satisfied international clients.

Ensure high-quality, cost-efficiency, and timely delivery, through professional structures and innovative business processes, and extend our role as a model of corporate responsibility.


Motoway Industries (Pvt. Ltd.) traces its roots among the pioneers of high standards and socially responsible companies for Motorbike Garments and Gloves manufacturing in Sialkot – Pakistan.

Motoway was established in 1982 by Mr. Choudhry Muhammad Rashid with a vision to provide world-class products at competitive prices. Today Motoway is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service all around the globe.

Since the inception of Motoway Group, our attitude towards quality, selection of the finest quality raw materials, and the craftsmanship of our highly skilled workers have allowed us to offer the finest products to our customers globally.

With the years of experience gained in the leather industry, we came up with a keen eye for sourcing and manufacturing only the highest quality products to fulfill extended customers’ needs, demands & most of all, their expectations.

We are proud of our valued business partner’s response from the USA and European markets as it continues to drive us to excellence. We are confident of the unmatched skill of our artisans, whose hands produce a unique work of art with every product they stitch.

As Motoway Group nears its third decade of independent operations, we reiterate our original promise to give you the product for value so everyday folks can enjoy the championship quality.







We produce and supply leather products all over the world. From starting our journey from a small quantity to the day when we are supplying our premium products to the entire world, we sure have come a long way.

We are most indebted to the amazing craftsmanship of our local workers who perform the magic with their hands.

We now, although, work with sophisticated technology and intelligent machinery to produce products, that come at par with the standards of the international game. We never forget that it all started with the skill and expertise of the earliest workers of the region who set the stage for this industry.

While we move forward with the pace of technology and modernization, we are convinced there is nothing like the unparalleled skill of the workers, which is the major point of attraction for exporters, sellers, and suppliers.


We firmly believe that research and innovation are intrinsically valuable and by that, we can always find better ways to produce good quality products and stay ahead of the competition.


We aim to maintain our leading position in the industry by satisfying our respectable customer’s needs and expectations by providing the highest quality possible.


Motoway traces its roots among the pioneers of community initiatives in Sialkot. We are committed to creating a better society by providing health, education & social services.


We believe integrity enables us to establish & maintain long-term relationships with each of our unique clients as well as our employees.


We are committed to continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System for the achievement of a safe and conducive environment.